Where To Start Playing Tactics At An Online Casino

Where To Start Playing Tactics At An Online Casino

There are only a few main categories that casino games fall into, each with several subcategories which describe the type of each game. Here we will describe the general playing tactics and how to play casino games from the main and subcategories as follows:


Table Games:

These include Roulette and Craps and are purely games of chance with no strategy as such that will give any player an edge. You have top treat them as pure entertainment and keep your bets within your limits as it’s too easy to lose all your money quickly at these games. Always remember that it doesn’t matter how many times one result comes up, as the next one is always independent of what has gone before.


Card Games:

These include Blackjack, several Poker variations, and Baccarat. With the exception of Baccarat most card games involve an element of player skill and strategy which can improve your chances of winning. While you are still at the mercy of the cards dealt to you, an in-depth knowledge of your chosen game is beneficial and will certainly give you an edge over other players, especially with regards to poker. Knowing when to bet when your hand is potentially strong or the dealer hand is weak can pay dividends to an astute player.


Slots Games:

These include all Online Slots, Video Slots and Video Poker games and are purely games of chance. They all work on a random number generator program which ensures that each game will pay out a percentage of what it takes. The best strategy is to seek out those games which provide the highest payout percentages. Some games, notably video poker pay out over 97 percent and in some cases 100 percent, for which experienced players can actually win over the house in the long term as long as they don’t make any mistakes.


Lotto Games:

These include Bingo and Keno and are again pure games of chance that require no actual player skill to win. These games rely on a sequence of numbers being randomly generated by the release of numbered balls and depend on you matching these with numbers you have selected or have come on the card you purchase. If you match a certain amount of numbers, you win the amount specified.



These include online Horseracing, Wheel of Fortune and some Asian games. Again, these are pure games of chance relying on a player selecting the winning outcome of the game, for instance the first horse past the post.